Welcome to CandidatesDirect™

One of the most powerful internet lead generation platforms available. Perfect for identifying passive candidates for your recruiting efforts and equally effective at finding sales leads. With access to millions of professional profiles and custom algorithms to join those profiles to phone numbers and emails, CandidatesDirect™ automates large portions of the internet research process. Saving both time & money.

1 Passive Candidates 2 Sales Leads 3 Easy!

How Does It Work?

Our software installs on your computer and provides a simple interface that allows you to query millions of professional profiles by keywords like titles, companies, or professional certifications. The software then parses that data and populates an Excel spreadsheet on your local PC which can easily be imported into any applicant or contact tracking system. CandidatesDirect has proprietary methods to extract phone number and email information for a significant number of found profiles.

What does it Cost?

$60 a month per seat. Price levels guaranteed for 1 year, cancel anytime.

Requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

About CandidatesDirect™

We are former recruiters with a penchant for technology and we developed CandidatesDirect™ for our own use. After refining the product while using it in our own practice, we decided to market our software to the entire sales and recruiting community.

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